School Council

Our school council at Broad Oak plays a vital role, the purpose of which is to:

  • Act as a voice for all pupils of the school.
  • To benefit the pupils and the school.
  • To promote and embody the use of democracy.
  • To contribute to decision making within the school.
  • To help plan and organise social, charity and fundraising events within the school community.

At Broad Oak, School Councillors are chosen to represent each Class by democratic vote. These elections are held annually in September.

The representatives for this year are:

Elm Class: Levent, Kayleigh
Pine Class: Damla, William, Flynn, Olivia
Larch Class: James, Lottie, Amber, Sam

There are clear expectations of the role of School Councillor and chosen pupils read and sign a job description and contract on election.

Expectations are to:

  • Wear a badge so that people know that you are a councillor.
  • Remember that you are appointed to care for and support other children and to help them have a happy time in school.
  • Keep your eyes open to help a child, who is worried.
  • Set a good example of behaviour all around the school.
  • Hold regular meetings with your class and note their suggestions, good ideas and concerns.
  • Bring your notes to the council meetings where we can discuss these issues.
  • Report the council decisions back to your class.
  • Help to organise charity and fund raising events when required.

What have school council been doing this year?

  • Undergoing election of candidates
  • Exploring the procedures of meetings and taking minutes.
  • Gathering opinions from classes about ways we could use our new space once development is complete. Collecting ideas about ways to launch with a Grand Opening.
  • Planning fundraising events for Children in Need, based on suggestions from pupils in their classes.