Larch Class

Umbrella Theme: Frozen Kingdom

Class Themes: To learn about frozen kingdoms!

Overview of Learning: The children will be immersed in a frozen kingdom based project. The focus in English will be on the text Shackleton’s Journey, writing fact files and writing letters. In Science the children will learn about how animals evolve to live in different environments, classify and sort animals living in Polar Regions and will carry out investigations to determined good insulators to keep warm in the cold. In Design and Technology children will design and make shelters to protect explorers from the cold. In Geography they will locate the Polar Regions on a map and be able to name the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn as well as the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. History skills will be developed by learning about Shackleton’s Journey. In Computing the children will learn to create computer games based in an arctic world! In art we will focus on landscapes through the medium of printing and collage (creating a piece for the Towner Project).

Discrete Subjects: In maths we will be focusing on decimals, percentages and algebra. PHSE focuses on diversity and recognising that everyone is different. RE focuses on Humanism. PE is split into swimming, games and dance (Big Dance Project). French is vocabulary based. Music is focussing on the features of pop music and culture.


  • P.E. is on Tuesdays and swimming is on Wednesdays could you please make sure that PE/swimming kits are in school on those days.
  • Home Learning – We are continuing to use home learning menus this term where the children may choose any four activities to do from the menu. They will also receive maths home learning to complete each week and spellings (see spelling books). Pupils need to read 4/5 nights a week which can be with an adult or pupils can discuss what they have read with an adult and these responses should be added to the reading record again by adult or pupil. We have a large selection of books in class, but children are free to bring in books from home.

If you have any questions or concerns please do come and speak to me.

Many Thanks, Mr Tooze

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