House Teams

House Points

All pupils have been put into a house which is presently ‘Blue, Red, Green or White’ (siblings together)

Pupils are awarded house points from any member of staff for a number of reasons. These include good manners, being helpful, kindness, respecting our rules, great effort, super work, resilience etc. Each class has a grid and the pupils collect and record their individual points. These are counted and a certificate is awarded for the attainment of 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 across the academic year.

Each term the house points for each team are collected. Then, all team points across the school are totalled and the house cup is awarded for the house with the most house points. The pupils in this house are awarded 5 minutes extra play, which they thoroughly enjoy.

This new system has been received well and a Pupil Voice has revealed the children are enjoying collecting for themselves and their team.